1) 15 minutes: build to a 1-rep max snatch

2) for time:

800m run, 30 squat cleans 135/85

(8 minute cap)

- rest 4 minutes

3) for time:

400m run, 15 hang squat cleans 135/85

(4 cap)

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Thursday – Moving Day!

We are going to CLOSE Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  We are very sorry but because of this move we need to make the gym perfect for you. 

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Monday – What’s in your Gym Bag??


Whats in your gym bag?

  • Rx Jump Rope – workouts contain a fair amount of jump roping because it is a good MetCon (metabolic conditioning) movement that can be done in a relatively small space. Before I had my own rope, I struggled to maintain consistency because I was always using a different rope. I like the Rx rope because it is made with high quality ball bearings that spin easily, and you have the option to purchase five different weights. They cost $34.95, which might seem a bit expensive for you, but it will last for years and you will never have to struggle with building consistency or have to worry about racing to get that one rope haging on the wall that everyone knows is the best and will be trying to get their hands on.

  • Rogue Wrist Wraps– Have you ever ended up with really sore wrists after thrusters, or jerks, or presses, or handstand push ups? Do you feel like that pain is the limiting factor in your ability to push weight overhead?

  • Long Socks or Shin Sleeves – Whether its rope climbs or box jumps, we sure do put our shins through some abuse. Having a pair of long socks or some shin sleeves to put on before these workouts will help keep a little more of the skin on your shins.

  • A Lacrosse Ball –the lacrosse ball is a wonderfully painful torture device that hurts amazingly well. That little ball of joy can definitely help work out the kinks and by keeping it in my bag, I have it accessible no matter where I am working out.

  • Extra Clothing – This is obviously dependent on the time of year, but having extra clothes can keep you warm, or cool, as well as help prevent you from getting sick.

  • Shoes – having more than one pair of shoes is probably a good idea. Flat shoes (or weightlifting specific shoes) for Oly Lifting and running shoes or something alike for running and other workouts.

  • Tape – I also keep a roll of 1? tape for taping up torn hands.

  • Protein powder - in case you ever forget to bring your protein shake with you to the gym, I always have a extra scoop in my gym bag

There you have it, a full list of what I keep in my gym bag. What sort of things do you keep in your gym bag? I am sure my list is not all inclusive so if you know of anything I am missing, please let me know!

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